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February 16, 2017
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April 3, 2017

With the economic divide between the first and third world expanding almost in real time, healthcare practitioners are having to come up with cost-effective ways of getting much needed medical resources to the poorer communities of the world. As the world of shipping container ‘cargotecture’ grows more and more popular, companies that deliver medical services are turning used shipping containers into effective mobile clinics that can be set up practically anywhere. Have a look at some mobile shipping container clinics from around the world…

Solar Powered Medical Centre in Roodepoort

In 2014, Samsung Electronics Africa set up its first solar-powered village in the Malibongwe Ridge community near Roodepoort. The solar-powered healthcare section of the mobile container village provides basic medical services such as eye, ear, blood and dental screenings – as well as mother and child healthcare services. Should nearby communities need its healthcare capabilities, the Samsung mobile clinic can be moved and placed wherever needed.

Portable Medical Container in Sierra Leone

In June 2015, the American-based NGO – Clinic in a Can – shipped four of these mobile container clinics to Sierra Leone in an attempt to diminish the catastrophic effects of the Ebola outbreak in the region. These solar-powered mobile clinics were placed in the Bombali, Koinadugu and Kambia districts – with one being placed in the Tambaka Chiefdom.

Community Medical Container in Haiti

Containers to Clinics, an American container-conversion organisation, decided to send converted shipping container clinics to Haiti in 2010 after the catastrophic earthquake in the region. Hundreds of thousands were displaced, with nearly as many Haitians injured and requiring urgent medical attention. The portability of shipping containers meant that these container clinics could be moved to various affected areas with ease.

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