Shipping Container Gym Conversions
May 4, 2017

Knowledge truly is power. With the rise of shipping container architecture, or cargotecture for short, it seems like the global digital divide will be bridged using refurbished shipping containers converted into portable computer labs. Access to information technologies is vital for every community – especially in the third world – and companies like Dell and Samsung are really putting their best feet forward in the race to bring poorer communities into the digital age. Have a look at a few computer lab container conversions from around the world…

Zubabox Container Lab in Colombia

This functional computer lab in a shipping container, dubbed the “Dell Solar Learning Lab”, hosts up to 11 individuals at a time and is solar powered – with the ability to run its computers, lights and projectors completely using clean energy provided by the sun. The container is insulated and features state of the art information technologies to bring the underprivileged residents of Bogota, Columbia into the modern digital age.



Raised Container Computer Lab in Honduras

This stylishly orange computer lab in a box is situated in Capucas, a rural village in Honduras. The entire computer lab container is raised off of the ground, featuring an angled roof for water displacement due to year-round heavy rains in the area. Using a 12-metre refurbished shipping container, this computer lab features state of the art computer technologies closed off by a glass sliding door for aesthetical appeal.



Solar-Powered Computer Lab in KwaZulu-Natal

Jonathan Michael, founder of giveITback, awarded Umhloti Primary School in KwaZulu-Natal a computer lab container conversion that is completely off the grid. The entire lab runs off of batteries which are charged by solar panels. This self-powered computer lab features insulation and ceiling fans for temperature control purposes, and houses a total of 12 computers. The container computer lab is portable and can be transported by truck to anywhere it is needed.



Rent or Buy Refurbished Shipping Containers

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